What is Sunlight

What is Sunlight Spectrum

Sunlight normally means the light of sun, the best color in the earth. With the development of LED technology, more and more high quality LED light is created, CRI>90 is widely used now and CRI>97 is also available nowadays.

However, there is one thing that LED still far from the Sunlight Spectrum, the blue harm, we know that the LED is activated by a blue chip inside, that's makes the blue spectrum is strong.

For example:

3000K Ra90

3000K Ra90

4000K Ra90

4000K Ra90

6000K Ra90

The blue spectrum get stronger when color temperature goes up.

The sunlight spectrum is aim at solve the blue harm while remaining a good lighting quality.

Seoul Semiconductor is the first manufacturer who issued the light spectrum, they use the purple chip to activated while contentional LED using blue chip, so the 460nm spectrum is reduce a lot.

Sunlight 3030 by Seoul

Sunlight 5000K by Seoul

There are two changes on blue spectrums:

1) Low 450nm

The 450nm spectrum bring hurts to people, especially for childern.

  1. Reduce Retinal Photoreceptor Cell Viability
  2. Demage RPE(Retinal Pigment Epithelium)
  3. ROS(Revitalizing Oxygen)

The #1 and #2 will lead to Vision Loss, visual imairment, night blindess and color blindness.
The #3 will lead to cell senescence, skin wrinkles, sagging, stains etc.

2) High 480nm

  1. Has no influence on the Retinal Photoreceptor Cell
  2. Improve circadian Rhythm

Other advantages

1) An excellent performance on lighting quality, Ra=97, Rg=101 under TM-30-15 testing.

2) True Saturated Color, a perfect performance on all color testing samples.


Low lighting efficiency,  25% lower than conventional LED.

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